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Tim Salway

07 3720 1085
0413 748 666

Fax    07 3720 1073


Australian Credit License No 384670


Dispute Resolution


Internal Dispute Resolution:


We pride ourselves on our reputation, and want to ensure that all concerns and complaints are fully documented, investigated and resolved in a timely manner. So, if the issue is not satisfactorily resolved within 1 working day by talking with Tim Salway, we will apply our internal complaints process to manage your complaint appropriately. In this instance, the complaint may be internally escalated to our Complaints Officer. You may also contact the Complaints Officer directly.


Complaints Officer

Name:      Tim Salway

Phone:     0413 748 666

Email:      tim@equityexpress.com.au

Address:  10 Warrawong St., Chapel Hill 4069


Note: In some instances your broker may also be fulfilling the role of the Complaints Officer. This will not affect the capacity to have your complaint dealt with appropriately.


By using our internal complaints process we hope to assist you to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. The maximum timeframe in which to provide a response to you is 45 days, although in pursuit of best practice and the reputation of our organisation, we aim to resolve these issues in a much shorter time frame.



External Dispute Resolution:


Although we try hard to resolve a customerís concern in the most considerate and direct manner, sometimes it may need to be referred to a dispute resolution scheme, which is external to our organisation. Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied after the above steps have been attempted, you still have other avenues available to resolve the dispute.


This external dispute resolution process is available to you, at no cost. Our EDR scheme is listed below. We are required by ASIC & MFAA to be members (independently) of an ASIC approved EDR scheme. In the event that a complaint were raised by you & we are not able to resolve it, please contact the EDR scheme listed below in the first instance for complaint escalation.


External Dispute Resolution Organisation (Licensee)

Name:        COSL

Phone:        1800 138 422

Address:     PO Box A252

                   Sydney South NSW 1235


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